Why Denmrak?

Denmark is well-known for its high living standards and has been announced as the happiest country in the world several times.

Besides the good social, economic and political situation in Denmark, Danish education system has gotten a remarkably good attention for the past years as well. Each year, Denmark is welcoming hundreds of international students to their universities, which are known for their practical study approach. Studying in Denmark gives graduates a competitive advantage over graduates of local educational institutions and guarantees great first steps of their future career. Denmark is also a safe place to live due to very low crime rate and welfare systems.

10 great reasons for studying in Denmark:

  • Education in English held in an international environment
  • Part of the education is an internship in companies all around the world
  • Education focus is on a real problem solving through working on real projects
  • No tuition fees for EU citizens
  • Informal and friendly relationship between students and teachers
  • Quality assurance – Denmark is always at the top in the quality of education
  • More than 65 different study programs
  • Possibility of a part time job
  • Free health care
  • Social securities – scholarship and unemployment benefits possibilities